This Week's Episode:

Josie Wreck

Uncompromising, gender-queer, acoustic & experimental solo artist/ collaborative musician in Orange County, CA.

Josie Wreck is a 1st generation transgender Xicanx musician, vocalist, speaker, community organizer, DJ, and hostess of Aural Displeasure. She carved a space out for herself in the mid 00's Orange County punk, goth & art scenes by shrieking and abusing her distorted guitar in the genderfucking 3-piece HEIDI WU, and with her dark, abrasive doom folk stylings as an acoustic artist. She/they are most noted for their work in the bands Popsical, QTPi Xpress, Moonlight Squalor, for her solo work, and as the producer & hostess of her own music podcast Aural Displeasure. She manages, archives, and releases music under her Bandcamp digi-label of the same name.

Listen to this first episode of our second season as Josie Wreck takes us on a journey through the Santa Ana/OC punk scene, detailing how an uncompromising vision and commitment to amplify their voice created space and community for queer, trans and punks of color in the midst of cis-male dominated and white supremacist spaces.

Jessica Schwartz and Tequila Mockingbird talk with Josie about these histories, musical projects, creative philosophies, and more. Check it out!

The songs in order of appearance are:

Moonstra - Toast

Moonlight Squalor - I am Swan

Amongst Animals - Aching Debt #2

Popsical - Canine Concerns

QTPi Xpress - QTPi Theme

QTPi Xpress - Punch A Nazi In The Face

Josie Wreck - Porcelain Doll

Josie Wreck - The Hollow

Check out Aural Displeasure/ Josie Wreck:

This episode was produced and hosted by Jessica Schwartz and Tequila Mockingbird. It was edited by Erika Pesca.