This Week's Episode: Galen Buckwalter

Machines. Punk rock. Psychology. Lyrical recitation. Opera. EHarmony. Mismatching. Abilities. Crip punk movement. Tequila Mockingbird and Jessica Schwartz interview Professor Galen Buckwalter of the band Siggy.

Songs, in order of appearance (citing personal correspondence with Galen Buckwalter):

Idiots Blocking Traffic

“Love is War” (‘the quintessential Idiots Blocking Traffic song’).



“When Women Rule” (‘the yet to become feminist anthem’)

“Wire Mother” (‘our anti-institutional science manifesto’)

“Spend A Day” (‘the genre-defining, folk-punk piece’)

Idiots Blocking Traffic was Tony "The Jerk" Defazio (guitar), Steve Carter (Bass) and Chris Flemming (Drums). Siggy is Ryan Howes (Guitar, music), Deborah Buckwalter (Bass) and Paul Netherton (Drums).

Photos courtesy of Galen Buckwalter and Paul Sharkey