This Week's Episode:

Colectivo Archivo Contracultural Uruguay (the Countercultural Archive of Uruguay) feat. Allie da Silva Srulowitz and Eugenio Amen

In this episode, Jessica Schwartz speaks with the founders of Colectivo Archivo Contracultural Uruguay (the Countercultural Archive of Uruguay, CAC): Allie da Silva Srulowitz and Eugenio Amen. CAC is a collective focused on the recovery, preservation, digitization and access to the different materials that emerged from the Uruguayan underground countercultural scene of the 1970s to 2000s. CAC promotes meetings and exchanges between the community and archivists, in order to share experiences and knowledge about the treatment and accessibility of various media saved within their personal collections. One of the main objectives of the “Colectivo Archivo Contracultural" is to support the community to preserve their collections and raise awareness of the importance of preserving underground, punk, and often lesser-heard memory. Da Silva Srulowitz and Amen intend to expand CAC with the participation of those involved in the project, prioritizing a representative and diverse collective as well as integrating histories, by listening and visualizing community collections, moving out of heteronormativity and the patriarchal model, and inclusive of women, queer, trans, Afro-Uruguayan, immigrant, and indigenous communities.


Colectivo Archivo Contracultural:



Mamá era punk: An important document of the Uruguayan underground community:


Monkelis - “Yam”

Polución Sonora - “Su Consciencia”

4F Ciudad Junk - “Love”

Chicos Eléctricos - “Don’t Look Back (Demo)”

Motosierra - “F.U.C.K.”

3D - “Desorientada”

This episode was hosted and produced by Jessica Schwartz and edited by Erika Pesca.