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Dr. Runchao Liu 

In this episode, Jessica Schwartz talks with Dr. Runchao Liu about the LA Chinatown Punk Scene, sensationalist media interventions, and the often blurry line between appreciation and appropriation. We also discuss questions about her work on "badness" with respect to punks and Asians, countering the problematic stereotype of the model minority, and how punk has been part of the violence it often derides, which opens possibilities for divesting from such violence with thoughtful representations, collaborations, and inclusivity. Towards the end of the episode, Dr. Liu shares some of their inspirations and ideas for a more just future. 

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Song clips & audio samples 

Avril Lavigne - ‘Losing Grip’

Paramore - ‘That’s What You Get’

Blondie - ‘Heart of Glass’

The Linda Lindas - ‘Racist, Sexist Boy’

Bands recommended by Dr. Liu:

No Party for Cao Dong


social media link:

And, a message from Dr. Liu: If anyone wants to make recommendations to the Asian American rock music archive that I’m creating, I’d love to hear from them. 



Episode art features photos of buildings that once housed Madame Wong's and Hong Kong Café. Photos taken by/courtesy of Runchao Liu. 

This episode was hosted and produced by Jessica Schwartz.  It was edited by Bella Gerard.