Songs used in the episode:"Kids of the Black Hole" by Adolescents"Here Come the Warm Jets" Brian ENO"Here Come the Warm Jets" performed by Gitane Demone Choir"Past the Sun", "Over the High Side", "The Reflecting Shadow", and "Hospital Bed" by Gitane Demone

Gitane Demone (Christian Death and the Gitane Demone Quartet) and Rikk Agnew (Christian Death, Adolescents, and Radolescents) are both masters of creative experimentation in and out of punk. From touring the world in legendary punk bands, to writing poetry and operas, to using voice as an instrument, these two genre breaking collaborators give us an inside look into what it means to be an artist. Today we talk about their experiences in bands from the 80s til now, creative processes, and releasing artistic inhibition.