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Gary Leonard

There are exciting developments in the PUNKAST series!

Over the next months, we’ll be releasing episodes from Season 2 and episodes from the mini-series “Free and Appropriate Education?: DIY Punks' Take on Disabilities Education Legislation.” While each Season 2 episode will have a unique cover, our mini-series will have the same cover indicating the mini-series name along with episode number and title. 

Join Jessica Schwartz in conversation with Gary Leonard, acclaimed photographer of LA punk history and LA history more broadly as they discuss everything from being there to capture the nascent scene....and becoming part of LA punk history in the having your work front and center in the Las Vegas Punk Rock Museum (among other notable locales and media). 

Artist Bio: Gary Leonard has spent the better part of the last 63 years photographing Los Angeles. His work has been featured in countless books, magazines, newspapers, and exhibitions. Published books of his photography include Make the Music Go Bang; Symphony in Steel: Walt Disney Concert Hall Goes Up; and Take My Picture Gary Leonard.



Song clips and audio samples 

‘Midnight’ - Venus and the Razorblades

‘Red Eye #9’ - The Plugz

‘Obviously Five Believers’ - Top Jimmy and the Rhythm Pigs

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Gary Leonard's website:

IG: tmpgaryleonard


This episode was produced and hosted by Jessica Schwartz. Bella Gerard edited the audio and transcript.  Questions were furnished by a live audience of UCLA undergraduates in the Spring 2023 MUSCLG 13 course. 

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