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Mat Gleason (Coagula Art Journal)

In this episode, Jessica Schwartz and Tequila Mockingbird talk with Mat Gleason of Coagula Art Journal and Al's Bar about 'punk literacy,' critical 'evisceration,' astrology, and managing one of the best-known punk spaces of early LA punk.

Here's his bio: 

Mat Gleason is best known for founding and publishing Coagula Art Journal, a critical slam of the pretensions and personalities of the art world. He published the print edition from 1992 thru 2012. His Gallery, Coagula Curatorial was a leading independent art space in L.A.'s Chinatown 2012-2019. Born in Fullerton in 1964 he was transformed by punk in 1979 and started a public access television show MEDIA BLITZ with his brother Joe and high school friend Gary Tate, who later changed his name to Gary Blitz after his time on the show. Many leading L.A. punk bands would tape at Media Blitz and Flipside Magazine's Al and Hud were regular record reviewers on the show. Mat got sober in 1993 and went on to many successes through his writing and publishing, including film and television appearances. Through it all he maintained a connection to those suburban punk roots in his aesthetic and his commitment to an evolving sense of insisting on delivering his truth, free of any commitment to the illusion of a punk orthodoxy. He lives near Downtown Los Angeles.

Song clips & audio samples 

‘The Grand Illusion’ - Styx

‘God Save the Queen’ - Sex Pistols

‘Kids of the Black Hole’ - Adolescents

‘Jazz Police’ - Leonard Cohen

‘Five Fuckin’ Minutes’ - The Starvin’ Band

‘Paper Imitation’ - Popdefect

check out:


1976: Mat and his brother Joe Gleason, Christmas Day 1976

1990: Mat and writer Mary Ann Swissler drinking with Charles Bukowski in San Pedro. Polaroid by Linda Bukowski.

2012: Mat and artist Roland Reiss at the Brewery Artwalk Open Studios in Los Angeles.

2019: Mat and his wife, artist Leigh Salgado.

other: Al's Bar graffitied walls & Coagula Art Journal logo

This episode was hosted and produced by Jessica Schwartz and Tequila Mockingbird.  It was edited by Bella Gerard.